Rindik Gambelan Lesson

In Island of Bali, there are a lot of various and unique of traditional music instruments. One of them is well-known with name of Gambelan Rindik. In addition to its compact size rindik is unique in that the instrument keys are made from bamboo, not bronze. Bamboo gambelan music has a light and airy sound which is perfectly suited for background music. It is very common to see gambelan rindik in the nicer hotels and restaurants in Bali.

As a material, bamboo is readily available and inexpensive in Bali, allowing practically any musician to own an instrument and play. In this way bamboo gambelan are part of a Balinese folk tradition, a kind of music which is kept alive by balinese people. This activity will take place at Gazebo/Pool Side .

Get an unique different experience by learning the Tradional Balinese Gambelan Rindik! Reservation is required at least one day in advance! Don’t miss it!

Rate : IDR 200.000/person (minimum 2 persons)