Ubud Cooking Class

You can enjoy a different experience of Traditional Cooking Class at our Resort . Our chef will lovely guide you how to do process of the Balinese Cooking. Before cooking class he may escort you to visit the nearest traditional local market in the morning where you will see fresh local fruits, variety of vegetable, salads, and cooking ingredients. It will be good and unique opportunity to you to know local people do their activities on Traditional Local market as well as to see them how to buy their needs by bargaining on the market. You will find very unique and funny cases in there. It is much different one compared if buy your needs in modern markets or department stores (all are fixed prices, no bargaining).

The venue of cooking class will be situated on garden with the background a small running river and rice-field in which the participants can also enjoy the beautiful views and the gentle breeze. Few minutes before the cooking class process, our chef will show you some herbs and ingredients plants which most of them are the group roots plants. They have been growing on site of our own garden such as citronella grass, greater galingale, ginger, turmeric, etc. The activity will give you a new experience and will be nice unforgettable memory in your life. When returning in your country may directly practice Balinese Cooking.

The Cooking class starts from 11:00 am till finish